Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So do you ever have those days, maybe weeks, where all you do is daydream about what-ifs? This week has been one of them.

Some of those daydreams included:

  • A trip to Amsterdam and/or Key West and possibly Seattle. I may (and by may, I mean, did) look up flights to all of these locations. 
  • Running a mile under 7 minutes.
  • Eating a sugary dessert. At this point, anything. However, I am not sure I will add most sugars back after Low Sugar Lent.
  • Losing 10-15 lbs and keeping it off.
  • Buying a new car. Umm, my car is perfectly fine and has at least 50,000+ miles of life. 
  • Wondering why Jackalopes aren't real.
You see, there is a new brewery in town, Jackalope Brewery.  And I have never really given it much thought, but I learned this weekend that Jackalopes are a "mythical" creature. And I was a little crushed. So to verify their mythical-ness, I immediately went to the holy grail of everything, Wikipedia. They are indeed a mythical creature. They did however show pictures of the jackalope in modern culture. And I realized I had my very own picture taken on a jackalope. I immediately found it buried among old pictures.

And I am so thankful I decided to make a change.