Saturday, February 03, 2007

A New Look

It was time for a change.

I feel like a big poser. Ever since the picture below was taken, my eating has gone to shit. But I still manage to go to the gym. I think I am back up around 200 lbs.

I really need to get back to my focus of the year of me. I realize that I am stress eater and this is so not a good thing. When work sucks or I procrastinate, I eat. And I don't even eat good food. Gah.

I would like to thank John Mayer for the tag line, "This is me I am working on." I still heart you John Mayer even if you are with Jessica Simpson.

Talk about a randome post.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

So I was asked what lunches I prepare for the week. So I'll share.

You know how they tell you when going to the grocery store to stay away from the inner aisles? That's really what I do when I go shopping every week. Although, I did have to venture down the cereal aisle for a container of plain oatmeal.

I start in produce and pick up:
  • a few types of fruit, it depends what's on sale-Apples, bannanas, pears, grapes
  • I always treat myself to a container of fresh cut up pineapple. I love it SO much, but I hate to actually cut it up myself.
  • Veggies I buy include leaf spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots. Those are my staples.
  • To shake things up in the veggie department I will occasionaly buy mushrooms, peppers, coleslaw, potatoes, or avacado. I LOVE avacado.
  • Next I hit up the gourmet cheese. I either buy some bleu cheese or my new fav as of last week "real" mozzerella.
  • Skim mile and NF plain yougurt in the large container. It is cheaper this way and then I mix in frozen fruit and I don't have to add sugar.
  • Frozen veggies- all kinds. Frozen chicken if I need it.
That is pretty much what I get each week.
I eat oatmeal for breakfast most mornings followed by a piece of fruit or airpopped popcorn made with olive oil for a snack. I use a stir crazy to pop my corn and I LOVE it.

At lunch I eat my salad with a protien and some fruit. However, last week since I prepared in advance I had stuffed green peppers with brown rice and mushrooms. In the past I have been known to make soup, bean salad, or mexicanish meals. I stear away from breads. If it is not really good bread I don't want to eat. And I am sorry, but I don't think 35 calorie bread will ever be classified as "really good bread."

Dinners get a little more interesting as I don't get home until 9:30 PM 2 nights of the week. I usually try to bring some stuff with me to work as well. Usually it is some variation of the lunches for the week.

Usually I eat the same thing the whole week and then I am tired of it and I need something new. I just need to figure out what that something new will be for this week. I am thinking ground turkey with burrito seasoning, black or veggie refried beans, and of course my spinach salad.

Now onto the wellness assesment I had this week.
So as you all know I joined the Y last week. It was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I got my butt out of bed EVERY SINGLE morning this week and was at the gym before 5:15 each morning! I worked out each morning for about 1 1/2 hours. Doing weights and cardio. For the most part I was the only female doing the type of weight lifting I do (squats, dead lifts, bench presses) Ladies, this type of weight lifting may seem intimidating, but it does awesome things for your body. Any way at my old gym I started to know the schedules of those also working out. And now I am starting to recognize people at the Y like that too. I think it will take a little bit longer at the Y, just because there are so many people. Anyway there is this one guy who is tall, has chin length hair and looks foreign. Yeah he's pretty yummy. He got on the treadmill next to me when I was running. Thank god I did not fall off. Oh, but here is the kicker. So there are like 15 YMCA's in my area. Of all the Y's I pick to join, I pick the one that is know for it's high population of gay men! I find this so incredibly funny. It's not like I joined the Y to meet guys, but none-the-less this would be my luck. Of course I don't join the one where the bachelor goes to work out.

Anyway, back to the wellness assesment. They conduct them free and I was curious to see what my results would be. Basically I am not too flexible and I need to work on warming up and cooling down. (I didn't really need a test to tell me that!) I did need the test for all the other stuff.

Here are my results and description raiting that came along with them:
  • Body Fat %: 18.2%-Excellent. Holy mother fucking god is what I thought when I saw that. That can not be right. I am still convinced the lady measuring me with calipers in 7 different spots did not do this correctly. I am going to have it re-tested in 3-4 months and see what it says. The reason why I am not completely sure about this is because their scale weighed me at 187.4, which is REALLY about 8 lbs lower then what I have been this week.
  • Bicep strength: 55 lbs- Excellent. It's the weights I tell you.
  • Back flexibility: 48 cm- Fair. Memories of the grade school sit and reach cam flashing back. I hated that damn test then and I hate it now.
  • Systolic blood pressure: 129- Fit
  • Diastolic blood pressure: 74- Excellent
  • Resting heart rate: 60- Excellent. Ok, I know my actual resting heart rate is in the 50's. As soon as the guy put the cuff on me I could feel my heart start to speed up. I know I should be happy with the 60, but I know it is actually much lower.
  • Aerobic fitness: Fit
  • Total fitness score: 72-Fit. 8 more points and I will be excellent. I want those 8 points damn it.
Oh and I did go to weigh in this week, but it is TOM and I know I gained so I didn't really even look at the numbers. Hopefully, I can show a loss this week.