Friday, February 16, 2007

I am not giving up

Man it seems like I have been fighting a losing battle since September to lose any weight. I so focused on getting back to 187. Why 187? It was my lowest recorded weight. Right now I am under 200, somewhere I never thought I would be. It is a little frustrating, but I am still pushing forward. No gym for me this morning, but I will be going tomorrow and Sunday.

At lunch I was successful and ordered what I had planned on and it was great. However, on my way home I wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory or anywhere besides home for dinner SO bad. I think it was because I was tired and I just didn't want to make anything. I ended up with a spinach salad with blue cheese, crasains, avocado, tomato, grapes, and walnuts. Yes I know that not everything on that salad is considered "healthy", but in small portions I can deal.

Oh and my roommate asked where all the brownies went. I told her I ate them all. That was hard to admit to. I could have totally lied and said I took them to work. She just laughed and reminded me of the time she ate a whole carrot cake not too long ago. Please note the brownies were made in a 8 inch pan, but had the pan been bigger I probably would have eaten those too.

I really need to figure some things out...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's Try This Again

2 day of all out eating nothing but junk. Yep, that would be my Tuesday and Wednesday. I ate cookies, brownies, chips, candy, burger and fries. Oh and ice cream. I think that pretty much covers the major foods I consumed. Oh and I had some of my favorite easter candy ever. They are these Russel Stovers Coconut nests. mmmmm.

Ok, well enough of that. I went to the gym Monday and Today. Didn't make it Tuesday and Wednesday. Have no fear. I didn't consume all junk. I did eat some fruit, oatmeal, and skim milk.

I am back at it again today (in a good way). I made it to the gym and I already know what I will be having for lunch today with my friends. Oh yes and dodgeball tonight!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It is my opinion that there is no better breakfast then one that involves chocolate. Remember that brownie type dessert I made? Well I had a piece, er two, for breakfast this morning with a nice big glass of skim milk.

Oh and I came to the realization today that, while I technically may not be losing weight on the scale I have been doing a few things to make myself feel better. One of which is actualy putting effort into what I wear each day to work. I am actually putting outfits together and wearing jewelry. I still need to work on the makeup thing though