Tuesday, March 29, 2005

So yesterday I made it to the gym after my night class. I did about a half hour of weight training and 25 minutes of cardio. My eating was not the best considering I finished off the bag of York peppermint patties my mom had given me for Easter. I was well prepared for the scale to show a gain this morning considering my splurges over the break, but I mantained at 228 lbs. I went to the gym after my 8 AM class and did an intense hour of weights. While I was using dumbells a girl stopped to tell me how great I looked. She is in the same sorority as on of my old roomates and I had met her before, but that is pretty much it. She just told me she could really see a change and she thought I looked great. I thanked her, but I find it still hard to accept compliments from people. I am not really sure what else to say besides thank you.

So after I get off work I am going to finish my work out with some cardio actions.

So far today I have been doing great point wise. I had oatmeal for breakfast and I made grilled cheese and ham for my roomate and I before we left for class. I just need to get a snack in. I might go buy a piece of fruit and a soda. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
This is a continuation of my Easter break at home. So on Thursday I met with my trainer. I got in about 10 minutes of cardio before we started weight training. He said he could definitly tell a difference in the way I looked. I of course wanted to get on the scale at the gym to see my progress. The scale at the gym where we work out always seems to be pretty generous. It had me weighing in at 226. I guess in the gran scheme of things it is only a number. I had a great workout. I have definitly increased the amount of weight I can lift since the last time we worked out, so I am very happy about that. After the work out I went home and put a second coat of primer on the family room walls. That was definitly a work out. I remembered how much I hated painting and why I hadn't done it for like 3 years. I ran some errands in the afternoon and just crashed in the evening. I did get up to watch the WVU game though.

Friday was suit shopping day. My mom gave me her credit card and her friend went with me. We went to Kaufmann's and found SEPERATES that worked perfectly. I was a misses size 16 jacket and a misses size 18 skirt. We then headed to talbots where I got the softest silk blouse and a pair of pants. The pants were $118 and I later decided I had a pair of black pants that would work, so I asked my mom to take them back. I just couldn't justify spending all that money on a pair of pants I might only wear a few times due to the weightloss. I got some basic black shoes from payless because apparently 11s are hard to come by anywhere else. We then had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston. I had my chargrilled chicken julienne salad with dill dressing and I indulged in about 4 pieces of bread, but it was damn worth it.

Saturday we had an early easter brunch at my mom's friend's house and then we watched the WVU game. It was nice and there was some good food there and it was all pretty healthy. On Sunday I hit the road back to Nashville.

When I got back to Nashville my roomate was craving pancakes so we went out in search of an IHOP. We found one that was open and we had a nice Easter dinner of pancakes.

So Out of my whole easter break the only days I did not hit the gym were on Saturday and Sunday. I would say that is pretty good and I am pretty proud of myself =)

Monday, March 28, 2005

If only tomorrow's weigh in will go as well as it did last week. So, I went home on Tuesday for Easter break and suprised my mom. That would explain the lack of posting. For a travel day on Thursday I did an amazing job of staying within points. Usually I splurge and go all out at Wendy's of McDonoalds. This time I ordered the fruit salad and yogurt from Wendy's and a grilled chicken. I think I would just get the fruit salad next time. That thing is pretty good, but it is also expensive for what you get! You are totally paying for convenience. I went to the gym on Wednesday and did pretty well point wise except for the chips and salsa I had at Chilli's with my mom. It is sort of a tradition, we go to the Huntington mall and we go to dinner at Chilli's. It is a good thing I don't go home too often.

The whole purpose of going to the mall was to get a suit for job interviews. Well Macy's suit selection sucks and I am in between sizes which sucks too. A 14W jacket is WAY too big, but I need a 16W pant or skirt. Basically I can't buy one of those matched set deals because my top is smaller than my bottom. I got sick of trying on suits so I tried on prom dresses. I fell in love with this Jessica Mclintock size 16 off white dress that was like a wedding dress. No way would I have worn it to the prom, but it would have made a nice wedding dress for someone.

Ok, more to come later. I need to finish some HW.