Monday, March 28, 2005

If only tomorrow's weigh in will go as well as it did last week. So, I went home on Tuesday for Easter break and suprised my mom. That would explain the lack of posting. For a travel day on Thursday I did an amazing job of staying within points. Usually I splurge and go all out at Wendy's of McDonoalds. This time I ordered the fruit salad and yogurt from Wendy's and a grilled chicken. I think I would just get the fruit salad next time. That thing is pretty good, but it is also expensive for what you get! You are totally paying for convenience. I went to the gym on Wednesday and did pretty well point wise except for the chips and salsa I had at Chilli's with my mom. It is sort of a tradition, we go to the Huntington mall and we go to dinner at Chilli's. It is a good thing I don't go home too often.

The whole purpose of going to the mall was to get a suit for job interviews. Well Macy's suit selection sucks and I am in between sizes which sucks too. A 14W jacket is WAY too big, but I need a 16W pant or skirt. Basically I can't buy one of those matched set deals because my top is smaller than my bottom. I got sick of trying on suits so I tried on prom dresses. I fell in love with this Jessica Mclintock size 16 off white dress that was like a wedding dress. No way would I have worn it to the prom, but it would have made a nice wedding dress for someone.

Ok, more to come later. I need to finish some HW.

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