Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Low Sugar Lent: An Update

So today marks day 7 of Low Sugar Lent.  And it honestly hasn't been too hard. The first few days were a little difficult in the evenings, but that passed. I had a mishap on Day 1 with an attempt to use bakers chocolate in my oatmeal as I had seen other bloggers do. It was so horrible I only ate about 1/3 of my breakfast that day. Brunch on Sunday wasn't too bad either. No Krispy Kremes for me though and lot of no sugar options.

Here's to week two which will bring a different challenge: baking.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tom King 5k Recap

Saturday was the Tom King Classic 5k and Half Marathon. It marked the culmination of the East Nasty Couch to 5k program which I volunteered with. A few weeks ago the thought entered my mind that I might actually be able to get a PR (personal record) on this course since it was so flat.  It wasn't until the end of last week that I actually decided I would "race". I spent 4 amazing days in New Orleans and had a grand time eating rich foods and no exercise. So I wasn't sure how I would be feeling leading up to Saturday.

By Friday I knew I was going to give it my all. My goal: run a 5k under 24 minutes. So 23:59 was my aim.   Any time I run a 5k, my main goal is to run my best race. However, I do know that every course is different and there are a lot of different variables that go into optimal race conditions.  I also decided that I would not where my ipod during this race. That was a first for me. To prepare, the night before I figured out the pace I would need to maintain. 7:53/mile.

The weather was pretty perfect Saturday. A slight chill, but not too cold. I warmed up with the Couch to 5k group and split off from them and made my way towards the front of the start area. I never start as close as I actually should and end up regretting it as I am passing people.

The first mile was around the Titan's Stadium. It wasn't bad at all and I actually started out a little bit too fast (A pipe dream of mine is to run ONE mile at 6:59, but that dream deserves it's own post). I had about 3/4 of a mile to go to get to the East Nasty water stop which was also the turn around point. I couldn't tell you who cheered for me at the water stop, but I know all of my friends were cheering me on. On my way back to the stadium I felt like my name was called every 20 seconds as I passed the newest East Nasties running the 5k, some for their first time, who knew I was running for a specific time. About 1/2 a mile from the finish I just wanted to quit. That was probably the hardest part. And then I saw Chuck. Chuck is such a great cheerleader and encourager of runners and I just remember him telling me I could do it and to start picking off other runners.

I did pass a few other runners and knew I still had to run up a slight ramp into the stadium. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the large downhill that led to the field. We did 3/4 of a lap on the field and finished at the 50 yard line. According to my watch my time was 23:54. I was excited, but of course it's not official, until I see the results.

Picture 1


I think my next goal should be to actually smile at the camera.


I did it. And I have been completed overwhelmed with the congratulations I have received. Thank you all for all of the encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you.