Monday, March 08, 2004

I am fat and flexible. Well, at least according to the trainer I have been working with this week. I guess those two things words aren’t supposed to go together. Usually the heavier people get the more sedentary they become. I guess I have always been heavy and that hasn’t stopped me from being active. On teams I have played basketball (8-12 grade), tennis (8-9), volleyball (9), Soccer (12), and I have also skied. So I have tried to remain pretty active no matter what weight I have weighed and I guess in some ways it has paid off in my flexibility.

So I have a personal trainer for this week while I am home on spring break. Don is awesome! He is a lot older then someone I would think I would want to go to, but he knows what he is talking about. He feels that diet can account for upwards of 60% of the total picture of weight loss, 30% weight training, and 10% aerobic exercise. SO, I will be changing my routine up a little bit. Don says I need to eat more protein to build more muscle mass. I plan on increasing my weight training once I get back to school. Probably 45 minutes- hour and do less cardio.

Let me tell you, my body is sore right now, but it is a good sore. I know my muscles have been worked well and I will have another workout on Wednesday morning. I am doing my weight training at the Nautilus and cardio at the Y. After my weight training session I debated about going home, but then somehow I was on my way to the Y! Where is the old Sarah who would have gone straight home???? Gone, hopefully for good.

Food wise, it has been difficult. I have been journaling. But dinners have been awful points wise the past few days. Pizza for dinner tonight, but I really want it so I am not going to deprive myself a piece. I will probably do more cardio tomorrow and then weight training on Wednesday.

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