Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Don't Be That Guy

So I went and saw Interpol at The Ryman last night. Interpol is one of those bands that I feel like I should know more of their music than I actually do (I only knew one song and that's only because of Rock Band...). Before the show even started I stereotyped the male Interpol fan. My broad generalization went something like this: twenty-something to forty-something single guy, with glass, most likely a beard, who plays lots of x-box at odd hours of the night, (may live in their mom's basement), and wears t-shirts that are sort of funny, but you yourself would never wear one.  I had just discussed this description and I see a guy wearing this shirt:


We immediately have a good laugh and are on the lookout for other funny shirts (there were many), but the "that guy" t-shirt was by far the best.

As the show went on it became clear to my group of friends that we were sitting behind "that guy" and he didn't need a shirt to tell us. His drunken ways, constant picture taking, and the bromance with his friend during most of the show were more enough signs to clue us in. However, just to make sure we knew he was "that guy" he lit a cigarette. He lit a cigarette in the Ryman. At first I let it slide, but then it started to bug me. The smoke was coming into the row I was sitting in and it's the Ryman. You just don't do that. I could tell a lady across the aisle told him not to do it, so I didn't say anything. However, when he went to light up the second time I tapped him on the shoulder and shake my finger at him. I am pretty sure the only reason I had the guts to do this was because he was drunk. It kept him from lighting up, for the time being.

He then jumped into the empty row in front of him to light up. Wrong move "that guy". I am now "that girl" and I go to inform the usher about the smoking. (For anyone who has been to a show at the Ryman, you are probably well aware that it's probably a requirement that you are 60+ years old to usher a show...) I am not really sure what will happen to "that guy" but I decided I wasn't going to go back to my seat just yet to find out, so I go to the bathroom.

On my way back to my seat I see "that guy" is now in the area between the actual theater and the lobby with 2 security guards. Before I get back to the seat I also see the security guard storm past me with a lit cigarette.

I guess the usher yanked "that guy" out of his seat and had him by both shoulders, it happened so fast both he and his friend didn't know what happened.

I guess if you get kicked out of the Ryman you are banned from purchasing tickets there as well.

I love a good time, especially at a concert, just as much as the next person, but please don't be that guy and light up in a National Historic Landmark, especially my beloved Ryman.

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