Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am sure if I wasn't so lazy I could go and find a very similar post from this time last year at my old personal blog about my laptop. The only difference is brand. Last year it was a Dell. This year it's a mac. I attempted to install Leopard on Friday. Something didn't go right so I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for Saturday afternoon. We got it back up and they told me I needed to transfer my files from my previous system to my new system. While attempting to do that yesterday I realized my computer was f'd and made another Genius bar appointment for 8:15 this morning. Chris who helped me on Saturday helped me again. Amazingly my computer started up and he agreed to help me back up to my hard drive even though they said they don't normally help with that. At this point I realize I am going to be late for a class observation, but there wasn't much I could do. When the time machine back up didn't work, he told me, "Your hard drive is the devil." Chris is now trying to save my files and install a new hard drive. So please, please, please back up all your files. I have a lot of stuff backed up. EXCEPT for about 6 days in South Africa... Through it all I remained calm. What else was I going to do?

*side note: I just told my best friend who live in NYC and could possibly be moving back to Nashville, that I have no clue if I will be living here or staying here if she comes back. Surprisingly with all the stress, I don't have an urge to plow into a bag of candy.

Ok, so hopefully I will have a working computer by tomorrow. Did I mention it is the busiest time in the school semester for me???

On teeth. So this is my third time getting braces. I had the metal kind twice when I was younger. I also have a missing tooth and a peg tooth. No one really knows unless I tell them about it. Since I have a missing tooth I wear a flipper (sort of like a retainer) with a fake tooth in it. It is weird, annoying, and I just want something permanent. Something that won't fly out of mouth while dancing at a wedding reception. Yes, this actually happened and my mom and I laughed SO hard about it. So, hence the reason for the dental implant. I didn't get the implant done in high school because if it got knocked out while playing sports it would have been a waste of a couple thousand dollars. I have to have me teeth straight before I can get it the implant, hence the reason for braces again.

And please pray for my computer.


Nikki said...

Aren't computers fun? I'm so thankful that the Apple store offers the genius bar though. Our logic board went bad on our old iMac in January. We opted to buy a new iMac instead of fixing the old one.
I love my mac, but I HATE when things go wrong on them!

Chasing Daylight* said...

I've been praying a lot lately - - no harm in adding your computer to them ;)

Thanks for your words of encouragement - - seeing how far you've come has helped me set my sight on the brighter days to come.