Friday, February 22, 2008

Snacky Snacks

This afternoon all I have wanted to do is snack. I have a feeling it comes from eating a lunch of just fruit. I went to the gym during lunch and had a meeting shortly there after. When I got back to my office I just ate an orange and an apple. Then the snacking started. One tiny bag of my favorite Easter candy: Cadbury Mini Eggs which a a solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell :) Then, two 100 calorie candy bites and a russell stovers chocolate coconut nest. My stomach was hurting a little bit ago. I am probably going into a sugar coma.

Tonight I have a group meeting at 6. Hopefully it won't last more then 2 hours. I'll probably go home and crash. Tomorrow from 9-2 I have a class meeting :( This is for an integrated class and it is all presentations. It is going to be a long and boring day. Oh and just to make it a little more difficult there are snacks on the table and pizza for lunch! The plan for me is to keep my retainer in the whole day and only eat pizza for lunch. I might bring my own snacks too. I will go to the gym after and then I have a 7 PM appointment at the mac store. They reset the master password on my computer and I have no clue what is is, plus I still can't find my pictures. There is 25 gb of something on my computer and I know my documents folder is not that large.

Happy Friday!


Blossom said...

Ah.........the mini eggs. HOw I love them. Now they've started making other types of candy bars into eggs....I MUST avoid the Reese's peanut butter egg.

Christie said...

Your outfit was AWESOME!

LOL @ the sugar coma... I know that feeling all to well. I am also familiar with water balloon syndrome... that is eating so much salt and retaining so much water that you feel like a water balloon!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Welcome to my world (SNACK LAND)... It's NOT exactly the happiest place on earth, huh! Funny, those eggs are also my all-time favorites too!

And... LOVE the outfit... LOVE IT.