Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh Mexican Food How I have missed you!

So I had Mexican tonight. I have been wanting it for some time. I ate a big mama chicken burrito and chips to my hearts content. And I am paying the price right now. My stomach is stuffed, but let me tell you that guacamole was so good. All my food choices otherwise for the day were fine. I even made it to the gym. I was going to take the day of, but I went to the gym after my group meeting for about an hour and a half.

Tomorrow I am getting my invisalign braces at 8 AM. Then I have a meeting for the case study I am writing. So I will be going into work a little late tomorrow. I think I will also be taking the day off from the gym as well. I am expecting to remain in the 190's due to the Mexican I just ate and I am ok with that.

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