Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cheesecake Factory

So last week I made plans to get dinner with one of my old roomies. We decided tonight was the night. I originally picked a place in the Village because it was close to work. Then I decided it might be better to meet near the mall because I had to pick up my laptop. (which they told me they had salvaged my documents and my pictures, but I currently can't see my pictures, I have no clue where to look,.. this is a potential warning sign for a major meltdown, but I just have too much shit to deal with right now. LIke the paper I need to write tonight. But I am blogging instead?) Back to dinner plans. I have been craving some strawberry shortcake from the cheesecake factory for a LONG time. I asked my friend and she was all about the change! yeah, success!

Before I went to the mall I decided to get a manicure and try a new place near the mall. I didn't want to drive 20 minutes away and then drive back to go to the mall so I could go to the other place I like. I walk in and tell them I just want a manicure and I sit down. The technician informs me that Taylor Swift and Kellie Picker are in there. Sure enough I look over and they are both getting a pedicure. Sitting next to me them was an older gay man with the biggest smirk on his face. I think I found my new place to go. I could care less about the celeb sighting. My technician was awesome, my nails look great, and most importantly this was the cleanest place yet!!!

Dinner. I didn't order an entree. I didn't eat the bread. I ate about 3/4 of my strawberry shortcake and it was glorious! I made the right choice. I wasn't overly stuffed like I normally am. I ate what I love and I have no regrets.

I need to pick out a hott outfit for my lunch tomorrow. I am having lunch with the ex. While I know we are just friends and we will never get back together, I still want to look good. This should be interesting, especially since I still need to write that paper ;)


No Where to Run ... said...

ah ha...the cheesecake factory...i love the corn tamale cakes app. so yummy!

and i TOTALLY "get" that you need to look hot for the ex. hey, i'm way past my exes and i still dread being seen by one of them in costco with my hair all greasy wearing my workout gear.

any ideas on the outfit?

Christie said...

I love cheesecake factory - my favorite dinner there is the romano chicken.
Good luck with lunch tomorrow, I'm sure you will look fabulous.
Email me about the photos if you can't find them, Ian and I both have Macbook Pros. Maybe we can help.

I hope the braces work out for you I'm sure once you can get the implant you will have less to worry about!

thanks again for the excellent award :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting exactly what you wanted at the Cheesecake factory... you can't feel deprived that way!

And I'm sure you'll look great for your lunch with your ex today! I love dressing up

M said...

I love the strawberry shortcake at the cheesecake factory (also at grand lux cafe) more than any other dessert- maybe even food- out there.

yea you for giving in selectively!

and you looked HOT in that outfit. The ex had to be impressed