Monday, November 09, 2009

A Week From Today

A week from today I will be in the Big Apple waiting 24 more hours to see John Mayer. And my mom will be on her way back home after her first trip to NYC EVER!

Why am I going to NYC, besides to get to play with my mom? Well, my guiltiest of pleasures, John Mayer, is having a CD release show at the Beacon Theater on November 17. And I am going. And I have 7th row center tickets. And it is going to be broadcast on Fuse. And maybe you will see me on TV?

Stay tuned for what else I plan to get into on my first trip to NYC since July 2008!


Anonymous said...

Hey! A friend of mine has your blog on her blogroll and I loved reading what you've done :) Mostly, I LOVE Dave Matthews and Keith Urban and both those lovely men were mentioned in the first few blog postings I read.

How long have you been working out for and whats your regime? (And can you tell me about Keith being IN YOUR BUILDING FOR TWO WEEKS?? I could only dream of how amazing that could be!)


RockFaceSarah said...

Hey Sarah!

so I couldn't figure out how to just send you an email or generic comment, so we'll do it like this.

I too, am named Sarah. Today, on my way back from lunch, I was thinking about how much I love "The Giving Tree". It almost made me cry (but I'm all hormonal right now- go figure). I too, work at a non-profit. I believe their ultimate goal is for me to 'non-profit' my bank account. Oh, and I want to do raunchy things to John Mayer.

I am not 6 feet tall. I did not dress as a bunch of green grapes on Halloween. I looked more like a female member of ICP (NOT MY GOAL,I have no idea how it worked out like that).

So anyways, I linked you on my blog, which is, and I'm looking forward to reading all your bloggings.

Take care,