Monday, June 08, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So I have been pretty busy the past week and it kind of all seems like a blur. So I originally didn't think I had anything planned for Thursday night. Then I remembered I am auditing an advanced negotiations class on Thursday nights for 10 weeks. The first meeting was on Thursday.

I haven't really blogged about it much, but I have put myself on a bit of a spending freeze for the months of May and June very similar to that of Sally over at Aprovechar. And by spending freeze I have taken cash out for dinners and lunches out and groceries. Also, my trips to Target have pretty much come to an end, because I always seem to spend at least $50 and walk away with a whole lot of nothing. I also cut out my mani/pedis. They had become an expensive habit. I will be getting one right before my trip though! I have made a few purchasing exceptions: the new DMB album, some travel clothes, and a new suitcase ($39 on super clearance at Marhsall's!) The reason for this spending freeze? Well my trip to Europe was a last minute thing. Thus I had very little time to save money. I don't keep a balance on my credit card, thus the need for a spending freeze. And I successfully saved up my airfare during the month of May. This trip is RIGHT around the corner too!

Work has been busy and slightly stressful. But stressful in a good way.

Eating, not so great, but what's new?

Oh, and I made Krissie's Tortilla Pie last night for dinner. Do yourself a favor and make it too :)

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Anonymous said...

The pie is amazing, isn't it? I need to make it again soon...

I am SO excited about your trip!