Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not a Personal Record

My timed mile run this morning was not a personal record, but I will take it. I ran a 7:59 mile. I don't remember my exact time from last summer, but I do know that it was a little bit below that. A boot camp class started at work today on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't think it will be as good as the one at the Y on M-W-F (that I will do through the end of June), but it is free. I plan on going back on Thursday. If you would have asked me in the 6th or 7th grad if I would be running in 8 minute mile I would have laughed at you. And now look at me!


kaseybobasey said...

That is AWESOME missy! I haven't started doing ANY running yet...but I'm dying to! I'll be on the treadmill and just itching to take off in a sprint...but I'm afraid I'll fall or something and make a fool of myself! :( HAHA. But, after moving home soon, my friend Amber and I are going to start jogging and gradually graduate to running! I can't wait! :)

kaseybobasey said...

Hey Sarah, sorry I'm leaving you another comment but I just saw yours on my page about the smartfood. I LOVE the Cranberry Almond and I've tried the Chocolate...and it's really good too!! :) I think it's definitely worth picking a box up! :)