Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Treats

So I have had my fair share of chocolate dipped cones from McDonald's over the past few weeks. Ever since Memorial Day weekend I have been craving them. I think I have had about 4 since Memorial Day. And of course they don't list the nutritional info on the website for the dipped cone. Only the vanilla cone. The vanilla cone isn't too high in calories. However, I just found the nutritional info for the chocolate dipped cone at Dairy Queen...not so good.

Dipped cones just remind me of childhood summers. I specifically remember loving cherry dipped cones or Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen. What are your favorite summer treats???


FatBoyThinMan said...

I'm I big fan of DQ's choc dipped in choc. Get it small and it isn't too big a dietary hit.

esther said...

Homemade Italian icecream. Unfortunately, there's a really good shop just around the corner. I usually get Yannick a scoop and then take a few bites of his cone (much to his dismay). It's just too good!

S.B. said...

Dip Cones are the best! They remind me of summer time and like you, this time of year they are always on my mind.

angela said...

Hey Sarah,

I'm newish to your blog and really enjoy it. If you are coming anywhere near Brussels on your tour of Europe let me know. It'd be good to show you the sights. I'm British but currently working here. Keep up the fun blogging!!


Sarah said...

Glad so many of you enjoy dipped cones as much as I do! I really wanted one yesterday evening, but settled for 2 beers instead ;)

FYI: Esther is that the ice cream shop that has struppe waffle ice cream? If so we are going! And even if it's not the one, we should still go :)

Angela! Thank you for commenting and glad you enjoy the blog. Unfortunately, Brussels is not on my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Europe. Most of my time in Belgium has been spent in Bruges (Eating no less!), so if I ever make it back to Brussels, I will let you know!

esther said...

I caved and ordered a cone with 'very dark chocolate' ice cream (instead of taking just a bite from Yannick's strawberry cone). I flippin' died and went to heaven.

We HAVE to go there. Just one scoop. Promise.