Sunday, June 27, 2004

Man oh man. My stomach is not happy right now. I went out for a very late night meal at the Sunset Grill that put me way over my points and I just do not feel good right now. I had a sonoma salad with apples, toasted almonfs, blue cheese, and a yummy dressing that was point friendly. But I didn't stop there. I got the chocolate bomb cake. ahahah. Not good for my stomach this morning, but boy was it good last night!

I just joined The President's Challenge. I think it will be a good way to keep track of the activity I do. I don't plan on buying the "rewards" though. I joined a group of fellow Weight Watchers. The group ID number is 13462. Check it out, if it interests you sign up!

I went grocery shopping again yesterday afternoon. Lean Cuisines were 40% so I stocked up and so were my frozen veggies! I also bought my La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Tortillas that I love. When you have 2 they are one point a piece! I also bought some SnackWells cracked pepper crackers. 5 crackers are 1 point but 10 are 3. So I guess I will just be eating 5 a day when I have them. They are soooooo yummy with Laughing Cow cheese. MMM, MMM, Good!

As far as excersising goes, I am taking the day off =) It is my lazy day today. Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym in the morning and then step class in the evening.

Last night I wore my size 18 NY and Co. Jeans out. I think I am going to weight a little longer before I wear them out again. They aren't uncomfortable or anything, I would just like them to fit a little better.

I am out!

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