Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friday/Saturday Eats

Friday Eats

French roll with 3 pieces peppered salami, 1 slice parmesan cheese, a sprinkling of wasabi wow trail mix

Morning snack:
Jalapeno pretzels (pic from Thursday because I forgot to take one. Whoops!)

My typical spinach salad with various veggies and champagne vinaigrette dressing

Snack 1:
Lunch just didn't do it and I found some brown sugar maple oatmeal in my desk

Snack 2:
A red delicious apple later in the afternoon. The coloring is a little off...

Evening snack:
I had 1/4 cup of wasabi wow trail mix.

I completely forgot to take pics :( My friends and I went to this yummy new flatbread pizza place. We got 3 apps to share: spinach artichoke dip with whole grain flatbread, roasted red potatoes, with a sour cream topping, and lobster mac and cheese. The apps were ok, but not amazing and I probably ate more than I should have. For dinner I ordered a chicken bbq flatbread with pineapple, purple onions, jalapenos, and drizzled with ranch. It was cut into 8 pieces. I probably should have only ate half, but ate the entire thing.

Saturday Eats

Oatmeal with walnuts and my mixed berry sauce.

1 really small yukon gold potato, corn, green beans, 1 whole avacado w/ salt and pepper

Wasabi wow trail mix

Afternoon snack:
I had a half of a 20 oz bottle of regular Sierra Mist. Regular, not diet. It was waaaaaaay to sweet for me. No picture.

Chicken pad thai from Pei Wei. I ate half of my serving.

Evening drinks:
I went to a show later in the evening and I had 2 beers. No pictures.

One thing I do have to say is that taking pictures of my food has, for the most part, made me more mindful of what I am eating. I think had I taken pics at dinner on Friday I probably would not have eaten as much as I did. Also, you all are getting a glimpse of how monotonous my food choices can be. When I cook for 1 I tend to eat the same thing for a few days straight. I am usually ok with this, but by the 4th day I am ready for some change. This week the potatoes are gone and I am planning on making fake out mac and cheese and I have some great ideas to literally spice and change things up a bit each day. I will probably still keep my lunch salads the same this week, but might change up some of the toppings. Who knows I might actually continue taking pictures if anyone actually finds it interesting!

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Fakeout mac and cheese? I need more info, please!