Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Eats

Pretty much the same as yesterday. French roll with 3 slices of peppered salami and honey mustard. 2 slices of parmesan cheese which is AWESOME when it is sliced.


I had originally planned on an apple, but bought some Pirate Booty instead


The same spinach salad I had yesterday with grape tomatoes, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, crasins, salt and pepper, and my favorite light champagne dressing.


Afternoon snack:
Omega 3 snack mix from trader joes with pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, crasins, and 2 other sees that I don't remember. I love this mix because it isn't salty at all and it comes in portion control packs and TJ's doesn't charge an arm and and a leg because it is pre-portioned.


Evening snack:
I went to Target after work and was STARVING. I decided to buy a snack. I bought some YUMMY jalapeno flavored pretzels. these would be SO good as pretzel thins.


I probably should have stayed home and eaten in, but my roomie want to go out. We went to one of my favorite greek places in town. I had a side salad, chicken kabobs, 1 whole wheat pita, roasted red potatoes, and tzatziki sauce. I ate it ALL and was really full.


I should note that I drink water with all my meals.

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*Christie* said...

oooh that dinner looks yummy!!!!!!!