Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Way To My Heart...

is through my stomach...and also through music.

On Monday I received the best gift. A mix CD. In this case a mix DVD with about 4 gigs of music from the boy that I have been e-mailing for a month now. The only musical references he really had for me were DMB, Soulive, and John Mayer. He did meet me at Iron and Wine. And we had a very, very, very brief encounter at the Swell Season. All I have to say is he did a great job with his selections. He later told me he was a bit nervous and didn't want to scare me too much. Some highlights include in alphabetical order: The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Calexico, Fleet Foxes, M. Ward, Menomena (he put MENOMENA on the CD!!!!!), and so many more. Basically it is awesome and I am going to enjoy listening to all the new music I am not familiar with.

The holidays were nice. It took almost 10 hours (normal drive time is 6) to get home due to a bunch of accidents around Lexington and black ice. Wednesday I went to the gym with my brother. I ate entirely way too much on Christmas and had a bunch of sugar cookies and butter cream frosting. Friday my eating was much better and I went to the gym again in the morning. Saturday my eating was descent during the day. I made it to the gym. However, my parents had people over. Wile I didn't drink I did eat. I had some pie and pizza in addition to what I would have normally eaten. Today's eating has been pretty good considering I drove for half the day and usually eat crappy foods. I hit up trader joes and made a most delicious greek type salad with olives, peppered salami, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, french bread, and fage yogurt. Yum!

I am looking forward to having tomorrow and Tuesday off. I will go to the gym, just not at 5 AM ;)

I hope you all had a enjoyable holiday with your families!


*Christie* said...

The huge mix CD sounds awesome. We have to talk some more about this GUY! :) Sounds like things are interesting. I'm glad you had nice holidays, I did too. Your salad sounds yummo, I would like to try it. :)


anna said...

menomena is one of my faves! this boy i LIKE. sounds like your new year is going to be fantastic!!