Monday, December 29, 2008

Music Monday- Menomena

So, the band that I really love right now is Menomena. Check out there Myspace and give them a listen. Wet and Rusting is one of my favs. I tried to find a Youtube, but their sound is very hard to duplicate (or so I have heard) live, and there just weren't many great videos.

Today I slept in, went to the gym, and met a friend for lunch at Tossed. I had never been and it was near her work. It was ok, nothing amazing. I got this Tossed Signature salad with chicken, goat cheese, toasted almonds, mango, and crasins. Hit up target, rei, and tj maxx and picked up some needed items. When I got home I started assembly a care package for a friend in Afghanistan. I also made my famous spicy almonds. My roommate asked if I would go to the gym with her, and of course since I have nothing else going on I went.

Nashville has such a nice Y system. The Y I go to all the time has really new equipment and lots of it. They just finished a remodel a few weeks ago and it was worth the inconvenience of the closure. Now when I was home in Charleston I went to the Y. They have not purchased new equipment in 5 years. And it is rusty. It was horrible. I couldn't imagine paying for that. I am so glad my parents switch gyms to the one that I lovr.

Dinner was the greek salad plate I had last night.

I have been writing down what I have been eating which I have found very helpful. I also have been drinking plenty of water. I have found that when I keep myself busy I have less time to think about food and don't really snack at all. I think one of the reasons I tend to eat is out of boredom. There are many more, but I know that is one.

Tomorrow will be more of the same except I won't be having lunch with a friend and shopping. I am going to *try* to paint my end tables.

Here's to Tuesday! It's almost 2009!

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Natalie said...

yikes, I'm tired just reading about your busy day! But I agree with you, keeping busy totally cuts down on unneeded snacking.