Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Weigh

For various reasons yesterday was slightly difficult. I didn't do much and I didn't feel like doing much either. I did watch the Biggest Loser: Families. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that all of the families selected were from the Easter half of the United States. Hmmm, I know people applied from all over the US, but I think it is pretty representative of the US when you look at which states are the healthiest.

Anyway I didn't go to the gym yesterday, but I ate reasonable well with no overdoing it on the snacking. My dinner was slightly higher in points than I would have liked, but it was not bad by any means.

So this morning at my boot camp class I gave it my all. I was running hard and doing the exercises. I realized that over the past few months I have lost my intensity at the gym. While I have been going pretty consistently I have definitely been slacking. After class I went into the gym and got on the arc trainer for 45 minutes and finished up with stretching.

My weight this week: 210

My goals for this week are to bring my lunch every day this week and eat healthy dinners at home.

Flag football game tonight!

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M said...

seeing you back on track is helping me! Hang in there- I know how you feel; I'm up a good 12 lbs from when I saw you last. We can do it!