Monday, June 16, 2008

Boot Core Day 7

Oh yeah! I am half way finished with the month. Today we warmed up with a few laps around the track. Then we did these jump things where we jumped from what foot to the other and sort of looked like speed skaters. Next we used the resistance bands and did side steps with each leg. Next we did squats with a dumbbell.Then we ran. We ran a lot and up a hill too. Finally we did a running/squat exercise with a partner where a resistance band is around your waist and your partner holds the handles to make it to there is even MORE resistance! Fun Stuff. Rinse and repeat. Finish off with suicides and stretching. Oh and we did some pushups at some point. After it all I went to the gym and stair stepped away for 30 minutes, walked on the treadmill for 15, and stretched/ab work for another 15 minutes.

On the scale today I was at 197. Finally the scale is moving in the right direction. While I would love for it to be even lower than that I can recognize the increase muscle tone in my legs, arms, and abs. It's quite awesome actually.

My bridesmaid dress for the wedding I am in in August is being sent to me. I hope that bad boy fits. I would even love to have it taken in. How awesome would that be?!?

I booked my flight to NYC using frequent flyer miles and saved myself $500+. Thank god for those bad boys. I am SO excited to see JM with my mom over 4th of July weekend and then just a few days later in NYC!


anna said...

keep working out like this and you will have to have that dress taken in! is it a cute dress or the usual "bridesmaid tragedy?"

Sarah said...

To tell you the truth I think the style is ok. I would love it in black. however, it is a nice shade of lavender, so I am going to go with tragedy :(