Monday, June 16, 2008

Dinner at *My Bar*

I know I have gone on and on about how much I love my bar, but I really do. Tonight, I met up with a few friends to celebrate one of the completion of their MBA. We were supposed to meet at 6, but I was running a little late and didn't get there until 6:15. As soon as I walk in all the bartenders and manager greet me like an old friend. At the bar while we were waiting for another friend to show up I polished off 2 jack and diane's. Then we got a table for dinner. Of course we ordered the house made potato chips (I think I can do without these next time). I really had a problem deciding what I wanted. I ended up with the field greens salad w/ chicken, pear, candied walnuts, and a little blue cheese with the raspberry dressing on the side. I had a few bites of a friend's tortellini (it wasn't that good, I don't know what I had more than one bite) and some french fries. I also ordered dessert and I rarely do if I have eaten a large dinner. But I couldn't pass up a strawberry rhubarb crepe. Have I mention I love rhubarb? Because rhubarb pie is one of my favorites, is not favorite pies. Ok, It is my favorite. It is not a common thing to see on a menu, plus it was a special. I am so glad I ordered it, because it was SUPER yummy. I almost just want to go back this week, just so I can order the dessert.

I also had a great time with my friends. I don't think I have laughed that much in a while. I looked and felt good and had an awesome time!


Christie said...

Sorry I havent commented in a while! In my reader I only get to see the first few lines of each of your posts. I finally got caught up though. Daaaang girl that guy is cute. You send him a few care packages alright! Maybe you'll have one of those long distance love stories and when he comes home you'll have your dream guy ;)
Glad your boot core thing is going well! I'm proud of you for doing that.
It's so cool that you have that bar to go to where everybody knows you and you can always have such a fun time.

LovingSalinas said...

Just a heads up/tangent:

When coming to *my* state, I will be needing a 12 month advanced notice. Thanks for your cooperation.

anna said...

that post made me sing in my head "i love this bar" know the country song? anyway, i think i had that thought because i too LOVE rhubarb pie. it is sooo my favorite. and must i even say it, rhubarb slump...? oh yum!! i must visit anthony's soon!!

Sarah said...

Anna! I do know that song. Oh wow, you love rhubarb too?!?! I swear we love all the same sweets! What is this Rhubarb slump you speak of???? Anthony's I love that place! Do you know I will be in the Puget Sound August 9-15? I thin we should have a little blogger meet up!