Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starting to Get It

I feel like I am finally starting to get it. By it, I mean this whole exercise/eating well/balance thing. I am back on a schedule of exercising early in the morning and I love it! I can really tell a difference in my muscle tone and overall shape. My clothes are fitting better and my ring is lose. All of this was done without really limiting my intake of food. Sure, I eat my oatmeal and fruit for breakfast most mornings and *try* to pack my lunch, during the week, but I am still making smart choices when I go out. And I have also been pretty good about my portion sizes. The biggest thing for me is I haven't had to write down or type every single morsel I eat. While journaling kept me accountable when I first started, I found that if I do it now it pretty much consumes all of my thoughts and I didn't like it. So for right now I am happy where I am.

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tash said...

I find the more I am concerned with what I eat the more I weight I end up gaining/not losing. Maybe because I get so fixated on food that I eat sometimes when I am not hungry?? Not sure why. But when I am more relaxed about what I eat, that is when I actually lose a bit. But than, because I start losing, I get back to being fixated on food. It's a vicious cycle :)