Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boot Core Day 6

Well I made it to the end of Week 2. Friday was a pretty high intensity cardio day with lots of sprints and rills. Really humid, but not too bad. I finished class and then went to the gym and walked on the stair climber for about 35 minutes and the treadmill for 30. I also stretched and did some ab work for a good bit too.

I had yesterday off, so I took my time at the gym. I cam home and ate breakfast and took a nap. I woke up, showered, ate some lunch, and went shopping. I also went and got a mani/pedi. Came home took another nap. I met friends out for dinner where I made a healthy choice and then we went to a showcase. After the showcase we went to a couple of bars and met up with friends. I drank one shot total, had a blast, and came home WAY too late. Pictures and more to follow :)

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