Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boot Core Day 5

Today was the first day I struggled (ie hit the snooze) to get out of bed this morning. In my haste to make it to the gym in time I put on my new shoes instead of the older ones I have been wearing because the class is all outside. Oh well. This morning was quite cool, but I was sweating in no time. I bought a new tank top at target last night because I was just too hot in t-shirts. I really liked it, so I might have to go back and pick up another one in a different color. Today’s workout consisted of 2 circuits. We did each one for 25 minutes. They included such fun things as push-ups, dips, squats with the medicine ball, row etc. I would say it was one of the easier days I have had. Maybe I just didn’t push myself as hard? Or maybe it was the cooler weather? After I finished up with 35 minutes on the stair climber and 15 minutes on the treadmill, finishing with 10-15 minutes of stretching.

Thank you to all those who have answered my request to find out about how you met your significant other. I have really enjoyed reading them AND finding a few new blogs to read in the process! Of course you can still participate if you want.

So last night I went to Logan’s with my old roomie who is in town for the week. Usually this place is an overeating trap. I didn’t feel like a salad because I had one for lunch. So I got the BBQ chicken breast w/ a baked potato, and broccoli. I immediately cut both the chicken and potato in half to save to take home. I also had 1 roll and ZERO peanuts because I had some earlier in the day. It was exactly the right amount of food and now I have a second meal.

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