Sunday, April 06, 2008

No Weigh Monday!

That's right. I am not weighing myself tomorrow. I already know what is going to happen...a gain. I can tell just from the way my clothes are fitting, plus it is TOM. Last week Sunday-yesterday I ate: Chili's twice, Logan's twice, Cheesecake Factory for dessert, pizza, potato chips, quesadillas, more ice cream cake than I care to admit, and some other stuff. Oh and I only exercised twice. So yeah, I know what's coming, I just need to get my life back in order. My friend went home today, so that is sad, but at the same time good, because I don't need to eat out as much as I have been. Both my wallet and my waist will thank me. I have made soup for the upcoming week for some lunches/dinners. I do have tentative lunch plans for tomorrow and lunch out on tuesday. That's it. The other 3 lunches I will be making myself and preferably hitting up the gym as well.

Tomorrow I am going to see this movie: America the Beautiful after work tomorrow.

That's all for now. I have a lot more to talk about and hopefully will get around to it this week.

Thank you all for your comments to my question! It is interesting to see how each of your personalities came out in your answers. It was like I could almost hear you saying it! So while that guy who made the comments, was an ass, one of his friends was not. I broke one of my rules (I'll tell more about why I have this rule later) and added the guy as a friend on a social networking site and just said it was nice to meet him. He pretty much replied with the same. We might be hanging out this week! I don't want to get my hopes up, but it is still fun to think about :)

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Anonymous said...

i just read about that looks so GOOD! i'm pretty sure it won't make it to waco, though! i can't wait to hear about it!