Sunday, April 20, 2008

Has Anyone Ever Told You

Random crew worker on Friday: "Has anyone ever told you you look like you could bite someone's head off?"

Me: "Umm, actually you are the first."

The guy goes on to tell me I have walked by them a couple of times and every time I just seem so intense. He even goes on to say that he thought to him self I was someone he would not want to run into in a dark alley. Ummmmmmk. I know I am pretty serious and to the point at work, but who seriously says these kinds of things to someone. I don't smile at everyone anymore because in the past it has gotten me an uncomfortable situations with guys. I have also been told I am like Donna from the 70's show, but some people I encounter at work. So why don't you just come out and say it. "You seem like a bitch." Please note that these people are people I have very little interaction with. They do not work with me on a daily basis and don't know the "real" me.

Seriously does this look like the face of a girl who would bite someone's head off?

I had such a good time on Friday night. I left work early and got my hair cut. I came home for a nap and than got ready. I dressed up and wore a dress with my favorite almost knee high boots. I met my friends up for drinks early and then we had a reservation for dinner. Of course this was all at my favorite bar. My friend leans over to me at one point after I had just signed the giant balloon penis from some girls bachelorette party and tells me "Butterfly Boucher is sitting over there with some friends." I LOVE Butterfly Boucher. The ex introduced me to her music and besides that, there really isn't any connection to her and him for me. I should also note that earlier in the evening my friend Iggy was talking about her I believe in reference to my muxtape which she is on (

So my friends and I continued to drink and didn't leave the bar until 12:30 or so. Also, the ex texted me and we texted throughout the night uggggggh. Oh well.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the 3 haters:

Yesterday I took my litter sister to the Earth Day Celebration at the park and out to lunch. We went to the burger place I went to on Tuesday of this week. I decided I really don't like the place and it is a bit pricey for a so-so hamburger.

Today I have already been to the gym for just over 2 hours and I am headed to the library in a hour to work on my paper.

I will weigh tomorrow, but right now I am trying to figure out how my body handles going to the gym, but not counting/monitoring points (essentially eating what I want and trying to eat it in moderation and not feel guilt for choosing to eat it).

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whats the skinny said...

looks to me like the "haters" or more like "admirers" but too shy to say so. hmmmm...