Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly Weigh

201. Woah! That is the first time I have seen a number above 200 since late December. It's time to re-evaluate what I have been eating and how I have been exercising. While the number on the scale freaks me out just a little bit, I do realize that I am in the middle of an experiment. Maybe experiment isn't the best word, but I am trying to figure out how I can live without counting points and exercising for hours a day. Also, what I ate last night and the lack of water intake could have something to do with it. I'll just see what I weigh tomorrow.

Let's see some things that could possible change in the upcoming week: not eating 2-3 full size bags of cadbury mini eggs I think would be a good place to start. I really didn't need them and I wasn't really craving them, yet I still ate them.

I paid for 4 meals out and pretty much splurged at every one of them, yet only 1 was really worth the splurge (Friday night dinner/drinks) at the bar. So, this week I would like to limit my eating out. I also ate 2 free lunches and 1 dinner through work and way too much crew catering.

Exercise. As far as exercise goes, I exercised 6 times last week. Now 3 of those times were low intensity walking for at least an hour, but in my opinion some exercise is better than no exercise. My goal for this week is to work out during my lunch break. This will accomplish 2 things: make sure I get my weight training in and make it impossible to eat lunch out. Also, I would like to get my cardio in by walking outside instead of at the gym since it will be so nice this week.

Oh and I should probably try to drink some more water while I am at it.

Happy Monday!

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whats the skinny said...

i'm TOTALLY with you on this's such an "experiment" with our bodies to learn to eat and exercise without overdoing the eating and underdoing the exercise and still maintain our weight. good luck!