Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What A Difference A Day Can Make!

While yesterday was by no means perfect, it was the best healthy day I had in a while. The only setback was the chocolate I consumed in large quantities last night. Have no fear, I feel like it was ok to eat it given the amount of exercise and previous food choices I made.

Yesterday marked the first day of really only doing weights at lunch and it was awesome. I did my weights and stretched. I realized how much I miss stretching on a regular basis. After worked I hiked at the lake for well over an hour. I came home and made some lunches for the week (chicken salad with a light balsamic dressing, cucumbers, black beans, and crasains over an orzo pasta). I packed up my stuff to go house/dog sit with every intention of working on my paper while I was there. Oh and I stopped by the drugstore for a diet coke and said chocolate. I didn't work on the paper, but I did read and go to bed early.

Today I brought my gym clothes to work and plan on working out during lunch and going on a nice walk outside after work.

Oh and I feel so much better about myself today :)

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