Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who Eats Chocolate?

And then goes to the gym? No one in the their right mind would do this, right? Wrong! I did it. Eh. I am ok way it. Did I need the chocolate? Not really. And I am not really sure why I ate yeah I am just going to put that choice behind me.

At the gym I did weight for 30 minutes, the treadclimber for 30 minutes, and for the last 30 minutes the elliptical and watched the office. Oh I have love the office.

Yesterday I worked out for about 45 minutes in the gym during lunch doing weights. I walked outside for an hour when I got home. And I also had a kickball game. Several key players (ie really good guys) were not there. So it was a rough game. I ended up having to pitch in the 3rd inning for the rest of the game. We lost big time, but we still managed to have a good time.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and going out to dinner with my friends at my favorite bar. Yeah!


Annie Parsons said...

I do. I eat chocolate right before I go work out. These days, I've been eating a square of dark chocolate AS I'M WALKING OUT THE DOOR to go work out. And tonight, I came home after working out and ate a popsicle, a cookie, and some popcorn.

Good job, self. Good job.

(The CMT Awards were SO FUN!! You are wonderful - thank you!)

Nikki said...

I totally eat chocolate and go to the gym. It makes me feel better about having eaten it!

The office was hilarious last night. I think i'm adopting the word "shorn't" into my vocabulary.

Krissie said...

I eat Starbucks pastries after the gym. I don't understand myself.

BUT - I LOVE the Office! I was so mad at Jim for tying his shoe. Not cute!

We're not gonna see Punch in WV. That's quite a drive on a school night. And considering we've seen them twice so far this year. We actually hung around to meet Chris when we saw them in Cincy.

Any plans to make it up this way? We'd love to see you again!