Friday, March 28, 2008

Reflections on Lunch

So I went out to lunch today with my co-workers. This is the first time in a while that it has been more than just a girls lunch out and I was a little anxious about it. Employee morale is not the best right now and there is a definite gender segregation taking place most of the time. We to a place that 2 of the guys (which includes the boss) wanted to go to, Ghengis Grill. I had never been there and I like trying new places, but I wasn't excited about the fact that it was 20 minutes away which signaled it would be a long lunch. We get a table and the guys start talking about the art of packing the bowl (not that kind of bowl!). They give you a bowl to pack with meat and veggies and they add rice or noodles. I went light on the chicken and loaded up on veggies. Both guys complimented me on a good first pack. I went with the udon noodles and a teriyaki sauce. They cook the food in front of you. When it is done you can add peanuts and fried noodles, both of which I added. They place was getting crowded, the line was getting longer, and even though my food was almost ready I could feel myself getting anxious. The food was staggered as to when it was ready. We sat down and I proceeded to eat the whole bowl even though I felt myself getting full. I am really trying to work on this. Needless to say, the food was just so-so, yet I ate it all. I have no desire to go back.

This afternoon I struggled internally if I should go to the gym after work or not. I originally had planned to go during lunch, but that didn't happen. I also had plans to go out to dinner with a friend which later got canceled. I ended up going and I am so glad I went. I did weights for a little over 30 minutes and walked on the treadmill for a little over an hour. I was able to workout and not worry about time constraints of getting ready for dinner.

On the way to work this morning, as I through my gym bag in the car, I started to think about my workouts this week. While they haven't been my traditional workouts. I exercised every day, but Wednesday. I would say that is awesome. I went to the Y on Monday. Tuesday I worked out at the gym at work. Thursday I ran sprints/walked. And today I worked out at work. Not too shabby.

Oh the sprints, I wanted to get up this morning and go at them again, but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. I really wouldn't have to start getting up that much earlier and going to bed that much earlier to get up 30 minutes earlier. I remember last year when I was going to the gym at 5 AM and I first started dating the ex. We would watch a movie together and I would fall asleep by 10 PM and be awake at 4:30 AM. Back to where I was going with the sprints. Umm, my abs were in pain this morning. I guess that was an added benefit???

I have got a busy weekend planned spending time with lots of friends and I can't wait!

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