Sunday, December 11, 2011

Race Recap: Yazoo Barely a 4k Nashville, TN 12/10/11

On Saturday I ran in my second Yazoo Barely a 4k. I love everything about this race. I love that my non-running friends b*tch and complain about getting up early on a Saturday to exercise. I love that it isn't actually timed. I love that the distance is so random. I love that the race registration also includes beer. I just love this race.

It's getting cold in TN and Saturday morning was pretty cold. We had to get up extra early since the race was in the Bells Bend part of Nashville, about 20 minutes from where I live. I had convinced more of my friends to run this race as a kick off to our favorite day of the year, Santa Rampage. We got to the farm (a real working farm!) and picked up out raffle tickets and t-shirts. No race bids or timing chips at this race!

The race started around 8 AM as we walked to the road. No starting guns either. Just someone who yelled "Go!"

The race was about 2.5 miles and actually had some pretty major hills. Once we finished we were nice and warm and ready for beer. We picked up our new pint glasses and enjoyed a few beverages around the fire. Before long it was time for the raffle. We were each given two raffle tickets. The sales manager raffles off completely random things from his desk. Everyone in my car had won something except for me, when I think Steve one again. He definitley was the big winner of the group. He got carrots fresh from the farm. I won a T-Shirt. A XXL t-shirt. I laughed. I lose weight and this was my prize. It's super soft, but I can bring it back to the brewery for a different size. We all had a great time and this is becoming one of my favorite Nashville "races".

It's Fall in Tennessee!

East Nastys around the fire

Kim and I.

Steve's Awesome prize!

My super soft and too big t-shirt

The car of winners!

Race T-shirt


The Blonde Mule said...

I love this race, too! They've both been so fun. Team Yazoo!

Lucy said...

aw this looks fun!!!

You have a very creative perspective on life. LOVE IT.

Sarah said...

Kim I can't wait for the next one!