Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

Ok, So I went to an intermediate/advanced power flow yoga class today. And let me just say I was in complete awe of everyone in that class. I am still very much a beginner and new there would be things I would be unable to do like handstands, headstands, and loads of other things. I did meet a very nice husband and wife. The husband was super supportive and not in a creep way. He told me he was 67 years old and he knew I would be able to this stuff. So while I still can't do it, I will probably go back next Sunday.

Last night I went Toya's birthday party. I was a little apprehensive about going at first since I only new the birthday girl. But once I got there things went great. I also met Tia and some really other great folks. Since I know how much Toya likes the Office and it was a party where we were all encouraged to bring desserts, I made her the black version of the Princess Unicorn doll. Here is the other version I made last week. Hopefully, someone will post pictures of the cake from the party. I have some on my camera before I took the cake over, if I can't find any. The party was great, the people were great, and the desserts were AMAZING! I didn't get too crazy. I had a chocolate chip cookie, lemon bar, chocolate covered double stuff oreo, and a really small brownie, and some chips and guac. Now that may sound like a lot of food, but if you saw just how much goodness was there, you would be impressed with my willpower.

Another thing I think I am going to do is join the East Nasty running group. the great Annie Parsons suggested I go and based on my somewhat structured schedule, Wednesday and Sunday running days fit into my schedule PERFECTLY. Now I just have to get to the first run on Wednesday and actually run and not throw up because it's something new....well I won't actually throw up, but I will be really nervous.

Oh, and a little 5k update. I ran in the Resolution Run on January 1. Not my best time, 28:22, but I ran the entire time. Did I mention it was cold? It was really cold. Oh and I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. I wore a pair of pants I will never wear running again. They kept falling down and they didn't have a draw string. That'll teach me to wear new clothing on race day!

Oh and Liz from the most recent season of Biggest Loser ran the race too. I didn't get a picture but it was still really cool to see her.

Comfort zone I am stepping out. Let's just hope my stomach behaves too ;)


Child of God said...

Join East Nasty! My friend Christy (Brown) in it!

michellez said...

Yoga is great! I've been doing yoga for more than a year now and I must say I am reaping all the benefits! Keep at it, and you'll feel the difference yourself soon enough. I'd even recommend trying bikram yoga, or hot yoga, if there's one near where you live. It's even better than normal yoga, and you burn so many more calories!