Monday, January 04, 2010

Continuation of Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

I did two things today, that I have never done before.

1. I cooked and ate brussel sprouts. I can't believe I have never had them before. I guess I can chalk it up to my mom never serving them when I was younger. They aren't that bad at all. I made a recipe from the newest issue of Everyday With Rachel Ray. Of course I made some modification. It was pretty much just bowtie pasta with roasted brussel sprouts, candied almonds, goat cheese. However, like usual, I made a few modifications. I sautéed an onion. I added red pepper flake. I added some craisins. And I used blue cheese instead of goat cheese. It turned out quite nicely and I have yummy leftovers too! I just searched for the recipe on Rachel Ray's site and I don't think it is up yet.

2. I bought Under Armour. I didn't just buy it, I bought it so I can run in the cold. What? What? Oh and I bought men's because it had a drawstring and the women's did not. If there is one thing the Resolution Run taught me, it's that a drawstring is mandatory. Can you say wardrobe malfunction?

Oh, and the gym was crowded yesterday, this morning, and tonight. Part of me wishes all the New Years Resolutioners would stop coming (so I can stay on any given machine longer than 30 minutes), but part of me is cheering them on hoping they stick with it. I am sure I might be cussing them instead of cheering them when I can't get a cardio machine!


Blossom said...

I'm big into the roasted sprouts lately too, but what you made sounds delish!!! I love my Under Armour sports bra!

Kimberly said...

I was never a fan of brussels sprouts....then when I became pregnant, I started craving them like crazy. It sounds like you found a delish way to prepare them.

Jenny from Chicago said...

Brussel Sprouts? Yuck...unless there is melted cheese on top, then I like them, but I'd like almost anything with melted cheddar on top. Even the New Year Resolutioners at the gym.

Sarah said...

I think more people dislike Brussel sprouts than like them. I think there are veggies I like more, but I like having even more options when it comes to food :)