Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Random Wednesday

1. I chopped my hair off this afternoon. Here is the picture I took right before I threw up. KIDDING! I was nervous about the run with the East Nastys, but not that nervous!


I apologize this picture isn't a tad better, but I was literally running out the door to make it to the East Side on time.

2. The run. It wasn't that bad. 3.2 miles or 3.1 according to my nike+ipod. I finished right under 28 minutes and Lance Armstrong congratulated me on my best 5k time yet. I think you would have your best time too if you were running in a neighborhood that you are much more familiar with during the day then at night. At one point I thought about walking, but then I realized I didn't have the route memorized (even though I had the print out in my pocket). And I would much rather chug along and follow the people in front of me than worry if anyone is behind me. I made a new friend as well. I forgot how much I dislike 3 Crow because of the smoke. But I do like 2 for 1's even though I only had one.

3. I bought a plane ticket to Europe. I leave February 27 and come back March 7. On the Itinerary? The Netherlands and London England, and Antwerp for a quick trip. I didn't realize Antwerp was only about an hour and half away from The Hague. I will be visiting my wonderful friend Esther and seeing a few Dave Matthews Band Shows.

4. I was pre-approved for a mortgage today. Holy shit balls. Who knows if I will buy something, but I can really start looking right now if I want to, and that is a sort of scary thought.

5. The best money I have spent all week? It's a toss up between the Under Armour Compression Cold Gear Pants and the flight to Europe.


Child of God said...

Did you see my Christy?

Sarah said...

I didn't see Christy...there were a TON of people there. I will have to look for her!