Sunday, May 10, 2009

Points for a Jello Shot?

Does anyone know the points for a Jello shot? I kid, I kid. Unless you really do... I consumed probably 10 or so of the color flavored shots yesterday at Steeplechase as well as eating and drinking a ridiculous amount. I mean what am 21? Maybe I am making up for all of the years I wasn't "wild" because of my weight?

This entire cooler was filled with Jello shots except for the 6 or so beers on the bottom. When we left there were only 4 left.


I am bloated beyond belief. I need to step it up this week (no, not the drinking!) but the exercise and eating right.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just tripped onto your blog and I wanted to say that I pretty much had to tear myself away from reading it all the way back to the start.
You are a wonderful inspiration!

kaseybobasey said...

I LOVE jello shots!! I don't know the points but I do know that an average shot of vodka is about 64 calories, if that helps any!! Those jello shots in your picture are making my mouth water! :)

Linda Webster said...

I too fell off the wagon last weekend. Had dim sum for Mother's Day and then took my 11 year-old daughter to see Monsters Vs. Aliens ins in 3-D in which I consumed a large Sprite and a box of Swedish Fish. Back on track today!

John said...

I envy you even more. :-)

Will (4xlt) said...

Heya Sarah, I was doing some weight loss blog hopping and found my way here. Congrats on your 100 pounds of weight loss and maintaining it all; that's really awesome (and hard from what I read of others in the same boat).

Something you said here really resonated with me: “Maybe I am making up for all of the years I wasn't "wild" because of my weight?

I find that's becoming exactly the case for me as well (although I was really hyper-religious at the same time I was hyper-fat, so that's just another layer). Now that I'm fighting my way down to a healthy, thing, and strong weight, I'm finding I really want to go out, party it up, and live life.

Don't tell anyone, but I just went out on the town and really cruised the bars for the first time ever last weekend. I mean what am 21? ;)

Keep going - it's totally awesome. And be sure to drop on by my own weight loss blog and say hello!Enjoy those Jello shots!