Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food for Thought

So if you are a regular reader you know that I have been struggling to lose the last few pounds. The last few pounds that only *I* have deemed necessary to lose. I have a perfect bill of health and I am very active, so why do I keep beating myself up over 10-15 lbs? Over the past few days I have realized I am harder on myself than I am on those I love the most. I have also realized that over the past 3 years my weight has fluctuated by about 10 lbs. That's about it. Even at the high end of the fluctuation I have maintained a 100+ lb weight loss. How awesome is that? I have kept 100 lbs off for good. I have read a few blogs about people who get sad when blogs "go black" and people have stopped posting. People wonder what happened and if they have gained the weight back. Well I am happy to report that this blog has not gone black, but incorporated more of my daily activities etc. I want to thank you the reader for sticking it out with me. I don't plan on going anywhere though, so stick around! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support.

Maintenance isn't a bad thing at all!


kaseybobasey said...

Sarah! I think your epiphany is a WONDERFUL one! You have accomplished so much, who cares if you're up and down between 10 lbs? Go out and have some fun, indulge! You did, after all, lose a shit ton of weight!! :)

Kelly said...

100 pounds lost? I want to be you right now. That's terrific. I hope to join you in the "losers" circle one day. :)

Anonymous said...
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anna said...

not bad, not at all. pretty darn great! you rock!

have a great time in PARIS! i am so jealous!

Sarah said...

Not a bad thing at all.... I had the same epiphany about the same time in. It was like, wait, I've been in maintenance for years. For those of us who have lost massive amounts of weight I think it's hard to break free from that last ten pounds.

Congratulations to you!

*Christie* said...

I am glad you are realizing this and thinking this way. This is sort of what I've been trying to talk to you about with the intuitive eating/body image stuff. Where you are at is such an awesome healthy place and you HAVE maintained that huge loss... and those extra pounds don't need to be lost. And if you stop trying, you won't probably ever binge because you know it's ok to eat what you want when you want and be sensible, etc, and your fluctuations won't even be as much probably.
Just let loose and enjoy life. You HAVE accomplished something most people won't, and you deserve to be happy about it instead of perpetually beating yourself up and wishing it was more.
I'm so glad you are seeing this now :)