Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Vaca!

I was all prepared to write about some body image realizations I have had over the past few days, but summer vaca plans are much more exciting!

I will be going to Europe in less than two months! I just bought my flight tonight! It is going to be a jam packed trip. It is going to be AMAZING!

June 27 Leave Nashville for Paris
June 28 Arrive in Paris
June 29 Paris
June 30 Paris
July 1 Paris Dave Matthews Band in Paris!
July 2 Leave Paris for the Netherlands. Kings of Leon in Rotterdam!
July 3 Leave the Netherlands for Pisa/Lucca
July 4 Pisa/Lucca/Florence
July 5 Lucca Dave Matthews Band in Lucca!
July 6 Fly back to the Netherlands
July 7 Dave Matthews Band in Amsterdam
July 8 Fly back to the States :(

So this is super last minute for me because I usually plan stuff like this WAY in advance, but I am SO, SO, SO very excited and lucky that I get to make this trip and spend it with two amazing friends!


Rachel said...

That trip sounds awesommmmme! I am super jealous. Body image realizations can work with such fun plans to post about for sure :)

John said...

I envy you.

Kelly said...

OMG! I'm super jealous. Hope you'll share photos when you get back. :)

Shayna said...

Wow, so fun! Have fun with Esther :)

M said...

FABULOUS!!! So happy for you to be going!!

Paris is ALWAYS a good idea :)

esther said...

Did you realize that the show in Lucca is outdoors? On one of the ancient squares? Can you imagine what that will look and be like?

AAAAAAAAAAH! Cannot wait for you to get here!