Friday, January 16, 2009

When I Don't Post For a Few Days...

I am either eating horribly or traveling or a combination of the both.

It all went downhill with the bag of peanut butter pretzels covered in chocolate on Tuesday night that weren't even that good. When will I learn not to go to the grocery store hungry?!?!? Wednesday night I had a decent workout at the gym and then got dinner out when I really should have just eaten at home. I did make it to the gym also for a 1 hour walk on the treadmill as well. Thursday I bought a super unhealthy lunch of chicken fingers and fries. Not gym because I was speaking to a group of students. I wanted to go after the event, but it was a little too late. Today I ate my frozen meal and went to the gym for an hour and a half. But, please for the love of god. Someone take the chocolate away from me!

In other news I am going to Louisville on Tuesday to see the Kings of Leon! I found a great pair of tickets for face value a few days ago! Score! Other than that, nothing too exciting to report.

Have a wonderful weekend. I will be going to the gym tomorrow AND Sunday!


Ben said...

See, nothing good ever comes of pretzels!

Cinderella Big Butt said...

have a great time seeing KOL, they are fantastic live!