Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Lunch Time Conversation With Myself

So I went to lunch with a co-worker and one of our friends today. While we were waiting for our friend I have the following conversation with myself:

Voice: MMMMM, I am hungry.
Voice #2: All this food looks so good! Look! Club sandwhiches. Soup in breadbowls. FOOOOOOOOD!
Voice: I just need to stick with the plan of a Veggie Spud.
I inch closer to the cash register and can now see desserts.
VOice #2: Mmm, those cookies look good. mmmm that pie looks good. I don't even know what kind of pie it is, but man it looks good.
Voice: I do not need to eat dessert with every meal.
Voice #2: But it all looks so good. Maybe I could just get a cookie and split it?
Voice: No. I don't need dessert. Especially at lunch.
Voice #2: Oh look! Cheese dip with Rotel! Droooooooooool!
Voice: Yeah, it does sort of look good, but it comes with Tostitos and if I am going to eat chips and dip I want the chips to be worth it. Tostitos are so not worth it. Plus when I get an app before a meal I always overeat and feel too stuffed. Plus it is lunch and I don't need an app before lunch.

I inch closer to the register and am about to place my order
Voice: I need to order the veggie spud.
Voice #2: But the Spud max sounds good too. And protein. Mmm, meat is good too.

I place my order:
"I'll have the spud max."

The spud max has ham, cheese, olives, green onions, bacon, and sour cream and salsa on the side. I ate half.

You can't win them all. A spud max is much better than any of the other options running through my head at the time.


You'd be so pretty if... said...

Ha! I have the voices too...they're somewhat evil. But good job on resisting the temptation!

Ben said...

Well....at least there were olives!

Of course, I can't turn anything down that includes cheese AND bacon.

Merry Mary said...

Ah, the inner battle. I do that all the time and as long as the good voice wins most of the time I consider myself successful. What you ordered doesn't sound too bad, especially considering you could have been there eating rotel, chips and dessert!