Monday, January 12, 2009

The Scale Part 2

For serious. I have been watching what I eat, working out, drinking my water and the scale has stayed consistently at the same weight. It did move this morning, but in the wrong direction. It showed a 3 lb gain. So at least I can rest easy knowing that my scale isn't broken. It moved the wrong direction, but I know what that is from. I ate some (and by some I mean a lot) candy last night. I should have just gone to bed. I was tired. I ate it and I am moving on. But it is so hard not to get discouraged.

I know that my body has not been 100% due to the cold/funk I got last weekend. And I do know I had incorporated weights back into my gym routine. So I am hoping I am gaining muscle. I know my clothes are fitting better. But still it always helps when I can see the scale move down as well.

I am off to the gym...


You'd be so pretty if... said...

Me and my scale have an understanding; if it moves down I don't kick it across the room.

DonnaLynn said...

I, too, am attached to that number on the scale, even though my clothes are fitting better, and I've even changed sizes. That scale is my... enemy/friend/enemy/friend, depending on the day.