Thursday, December 11, 2008


So what motivates you to lose weight? I need something, anything right now. I have just lost all self control in terms of eating and lack of exercise. I am trying to think about what has worked in the past and how I can get back there.

I just looked at pictures from the past 8 years and I am struggling with a wave of emotions. I am proud of how far I have come, but disappointed with how I have back slid over the past few months. I need to be selfish and focus on myself. And dessert is no longer a 4th meal. When did I think it was perfectly acceptable to eat dessert after almost every meal and as a late night snack?

To end on a good note, I made it to the gym tonight. 45 minutes of weights. It's a start right?


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Build on your great start... It helps me to remember how damned good it feels to have people complimenting me, for one... We all know, the food is NEVER worth it. Ever. Okay, sometimes. But, rarely.

I'm so helpful I know. Don't stress. You'll get your groove back soon and you won't even see it coming!

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Way to go on hitting the gym!

I'm motivated to lose weight because I know that underneath all this chub there's a long, lean, sexy woman dying to get out. I know I'm capable of being MORE than I am now, and that's what pushes me to step away from the warm, gooey chocolate cake and go for a run. (Most of the time any way; I won't lie - sometimes the cake wins.)

*Christie* said...

I no longer have much motivation to "lose weight", but I do have motivation to get healthier, and usually weight loss will follow with that. But, even then, my motivation comes and goes. I honestly don't know how to beat it.
I think the best thing I've done in the past, was try to change bad habits into positve ones a little bit at a time. Like when I realized I had started eating ice cream every single night, I traded it for an evening walk. Of course NOW I would never tell myself NO ice cream... but every night is excessive.

anna said...

sounds like a good start to me. what motivates me changes all the time. it's easy to relax and slide backwards a bit...just pick yourself back up again. sometimes i go buy new workout gear. or i hire a personal trainer for a while or try a new class. and sometimes i just kick myself in the butt and get moving in the right direction.

you can do it!!!!

Lost Half of Me said...

When I first started losing weight, I was motivated by several things. One was quite honestly the fact that I was watching my grandfather lose his battle to cancer and it was horrible...I knew that many studies say the odds of getting cancer are aggravated by obesity and knew I never wanted to be where he was. I was also motivated by wanting to have the energy to be a better mother, a better wife. I wanted to fit into all those cute clothes at the stores that were never available in my size. I wanted to feel good about myself the way that I used it vain, I wanted people to compliment me (other than by wonderful hubby who continued telling me how gorgeous I was even at nearly 300 pounds). There were so many reasons to lose weight and I am so very glad that I made the choice to do it.