Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Maybe it's the Weather?

Maybe it's the weather? At least that's what I keep telling myself. I am having a tough week and it's only Tuesday. I am having difficulty eating well and exercising. I am going to the gym for at least an hour tonight even if all I do is cardio. I mean my clothes aren't fitting right. That should be motivation enough to put the cookie(s) down. I am starting to feel like a giant blob and I don't like it.

I can't find my planner and it is stressing me out. I had it on Thursday before I left for LA. I didn't take it with me and I couldn't find it last night in my room. Oh, and I have been dealing with computer crap for the past day. Apple has some of the worst hold music. I think I finally got it squared away.

Happy Tuesday?

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hmmm... yah... happy Tuesday for sure! How's your wednesday so far?