Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slow but Speeding...

Slowly I am getting back on track. Gym Thursday night. Walked on the treadmill during lunch on Friday. Gym on Saturday. And Gym today. Eating has been progressing nicely as well. When trying to get back on track I have found it best to limit my alcohol intake. Last night I volunteered to be the DD for Santa rampage. I had 2 drinks of the course of the night and lots of diet coke/pepsi. It was such a blast. I wore my ugly Christmas sweater and my rockin' new PINK COWBOY BOOTS! Ahh yeah. Also, I don't think I have been hit on as much as I was last night in my entire life. I think it was the sweater. Here we are at the 11th and last bar:

Here is the link to the entire album.

I just ordered my new camera on Friday so I was using my friends which I am not completely familiar with.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


esther said...

love the boots!

Sarah said...

The boots are awesome! And I was able to find them in my size :)