Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Slightly nervous about my weigh tomorrow considering it has almost been a month since I last weighed.

Somehow I don't think the 1.5 bottles of wine I drank on Friday, 3 beers, and 2 jager shots are helping my cause here. Also, the pizza, oatmeal cookies bars, and chips weren't the best choices after all. I tried to justify it by saying I don't normally drink that much and then I remembered Louisville where I drank A LOT and that was just about a month ago.

I did go to the gym yesterday (I thought I was going to die). Today however, the gym wasn't so bad. I also had flag football practice this afternoon. I hate the fact that this one guy assumes that since I am tall I am going to be good. So what, maybe I can catch the ball. But this is one sport I don't really know much about. Plus, I want it to be fun and the last thing I need is pressure.

Maybe my mom was right when she told me I just needed to stop drinking and I would probably lose all the weight I wanted to. But seriously, what's the fun in that?

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Erin said...

i played flag football's the only way I'll force myself to sprint...trying to run down skinny girls will motivate me ALL night long! HAHA...and i hear ya about the's like I do well all week, then I freaking turn into a pumpkin and can't keep myself in check on the weekend! WHAT THE CRAP?! Argh...anyhow, you're still awesome, and I still miss you!