Friday, September 12, 2008

Facebook and Myspace

I have both a Facebook and a Myspace account. These social networks keep me in touch with close friends who I would have normally kept in touch with either through social events, work, DMB, blogs, etc., but the other people just sort of collect.

In October of 2006 I had a huge falling out with a friend. It was horrible. I was crying (remember I don't like to cry). And I was just made to feel really crappy. I haven't talked to her on the phone or in person since that the weekend This person is still one of my myspace friends, but she recently joined facebook and added me as a friend as well as a slew of other mutual friends. I haven't added her yet. Yeah it's been almost 2 years later and I still am hurt over the whole thing.


marie said...

I have a friend like that too.

We were best friends since we were 6 years old, had a fight over my birthday a couple of years ago because of a mutual friend and she felt I had slighted her (not that she had hurt me). Because I wasn't quick to apologize for something that I hadn't really done, she decided it was too difficult to be my friend.

She added me to FB no problem though. Some people just like to pad their friends lists and look important.

If it hurt you that much, don't accept the friend request.

Becca said...

Yup, I have a friend like that as well. Big falling out.. then adds me on facebook like it's no big deal. Well, it isn't a big deal- I just ignored her request and went on with my life.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I agree with the previous commenters. Don't add her if seeing her on your Facebook list will bring up that hurt again. If that friendship's over, there's no point in harming yourself pretending otherwise.

anna said...

i probably wouldn't add her.

i have this thing with FB...i love that it's different from myspace. it's little more intimiate. you know, it's easier to keep your personal information, personal. and i don't add friends to my FB unless they really are/were my friends. i don't like the idea of being someone's friend just to make them look like they are popular. and i also don't like the idea of people who are not my friends browsing my personal info and photos. i don't know, i just like to draw the line somewhere.