Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

I am down 1 lb and I will take it! I am still not officially in the 180's, but I am oh so close I can almost taste it, well maybe see it or feel it :)

This week I am going to focus on portion sizes and staying in control of the food I put in my body no matter what situation arises. There are 3 potential land mines in my path this week. A lunch on Thursday which I have no control of the menu. It is a meeting and thus usually a buffet luncheon. Usually the salad is drowning in dressing, hopefully there will be some sort of veggie option and NO seconds! Thursday evening I am going to a wine tasting from 5-8. I paid $40 for this and it's a good cause (cancer), but I would like to try a few (or 5) tasty wines. I am sure there will be snacks there as well. Oh and I invited some friend to come after it is over, because well it is at my favorite bar. Friday is the Leap Year Day Party at the bar. So, the plan is to grab dinner at the bar and stay for the party. At least I am aware of potential problems and I can attempt to plan, because I LOVE to plan.

Happy Monday!


M said...

go 180's !!!!! you can do it! its good to have a plan! you can up your cardio on your going out days so you can plan to drink/eat more!

Lex.D said...

Yay! Every pound counts, so good for you!!

Even with your landmines, I'm sure you can keep this week a good one. It's the last week of the month so strive for your 180s! You can do it!!

Carleen said...

its awesome that you know your challenges ahead and can plan accordingly... in the odd chance you slip up don't let it get you down....just get right back on track asap!!

180s...ohhh I'm soo envious... :)