Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show: The Raconteurs at the Ryman 9.15.11

On Thursday I went to The Raconteurs at the Ryman. I saw them there back in 2008. I wasn't as excited leading up to this show as I have been for other shows this summer. But when I found out Pokey Lafarge, and JEFF the Brotherhood were opening, it made me a little more excited. Both are bands I have wanted to see for a while.

Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three hail from St. Lous and brought their Americana, old-timey selves to the perfect venue. Krissie's Nate had even recommended him to me a while back and I missed him when he was in town last. My friends and I wonder how old he was as he seemed really in the wrong  century. Turns out, he's 27, younger than me. I wonder if he talks old-timey all the time?

Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three

Next was JEFF the Brotherhood. A local rock duo has gotten a lot of good press lately. Despite the good press, this was not my cup of tea. I am sure the people who love this band, can't stand some of the music I like, so it all works out. I asked one of my friends what they would be doing if he ever listened to JEFF the Brotherhood and he couldn't decided on anything. I didn't have an answer either.

JEFF the Brotherhood

It was clear that most of the crowd was here to see The Raconteurs. I have never seen a merch line as long as I did at this show. I am sure there was a limited edition poster and of course the hatch show print. The crowd was also pretty diverse. I love people watching at shows at the Ryman. There was even a lady who looked like my mom. She had, what I am pretty sure was the same old model Coach purse, when Coach didn't plaster their logo over everything, and the exact same jacket. The only difference was, I don't think my mom would ever go to a Raconteurs show. Also, the couple next to us was in their late 40's/early 50's and despite a shaky start they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Now here is the part where I could tell you how much I loved x song or y song, but the truth is I don't know most of the song names, but I do know that I loved the show.

They opened with Consoler of the Lonely, which I actually do know the name of.

This isn't the best video, but man what a great way to open the show.


Jack White is one strange and talented man, but man is he intriguing. I've only managed to see him once in this town, well besides a few spottings at his record store, Third Man Records, but I don't really think that counts.

Maybe I will watch Cold Mountain tonight?


nathan said...

I guess I didn't realize the Raconteurs rocked out that much. It makes the pairing with Pokey seem a little twisted, but it sounds like a good time was had by all.

Sarah said...

Yes, they rocked it out! You should check them out if you don't have anything by them. I love that Jack White has a pretty diverse taste and appreciation as a musician, it makes me love him that much more!

esther said...

Man, I wish I could have been there.

Sarah said...

I wish you could have been there too, but we just need to wait until DMB gets older, and I am sure they will grace the stage of the Ryman ;)